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This exhibition displays the work of two architects, Min and Yun, as volunteers for Tibetan Heritage Fund. Their inspiration is drawn from Tibet in China and Ladakh,in North India, where the artists worked on projects to preserve indigenous architectures and artifacts - this exhibition looks to reflect on their experience and memories of these projects, as well as to express thanks to those they met who value and seek to preserve local customs and traditions in their everyday work and life.

远离尘嚣 Far away from the madding crowd

Yun grew up in the north-west Gobi Desert of China. She has been worked as an architect in China, Germany and Italy, after she received her master degree of Architecture in 2006. Starting from 2009 summer, she has frequently served for Tibetan Heritage Fund as an architect volunteer in field in Tibet, surveying and documenting Tibetan unknown building heritages. She also devoted herself into Yushu post-earthquake relief and building assessment on site in 2010.



Originally from Shanxi,China, graduated in Art Design from Beijing Institute of Technology University in 2006. Since then worked as an interior designer with Baumschlager and Eberle architects office, and also worked with Chiasmus Architects in beijing. In 2011 summer, she served in LOTI(Leh old town initiative) office of Tibet Heritage Fund as a volunteer in Ladakh, North of India.
Andre Alexander
Dr.Andre Alexander was born and raised in berlin, and since the early 1990s has specialized in the research and conservation of traditional tibetan architecture. he is currently one of the directors of the NGO, Tibet Heritage Fund, and a research scholar at berlin university of technology. he has published several books and papers about the topic, and his work has received major international awards.
Maggie Hui 许美琪:

Dr.Maggie Hui grew up in Hong Kong and received her architectural education in Australia in 1990s. After practicing as an Architect in Melbourne for a few years, Maggie embarked into traditional architectural research in 2000. Her research interest was primarily adobe architecture in Western China. Maggie gained her PhD degree in Tibetan Architecture in the Amdo region and has continued her architectural research across Tibet. She is currently teaching full time in the School of Architecture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

2011年11月19日14: 00
Guest lecture演讲者
Andre Alexander: Director of Tibet Heritage Fund
topic: Mind The Concrete
- Preserving Tibet's Ancient Architecture

Maggie Hui 许美琪:香港中文大学 建筑系 助理教授
topic:安多 藏 區 建築 : 過去 , 現今與未來Tibetan Vernacular Architecture in Amdo: Past, Present, Future?
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